The Real Retreats Wales project has been created to bring you special small group retreat experiences in the most beautiful parts of Wales.

Our retreats are dedicated to helping you tune in to your surroundings and support your body through the core approaches of Pilates, hiking and nutrition, plus fun and self-nourishing activities. Our retreats offer a combination of stunning scenery, nourishing meals and supportive movement tuition, within a small group setting.

Our lives are so busy, we sometimes don’t know how to get off the treadmill and take that much needed break. If you feel you need to slow down and reconnect with your body and mind, our retreats will be the perfect reset.

Although our retreats incorporate the benefits of movement and nutrition, please don’t mistake this for a bootcamp or detox-style experience.

Our ethos is simple: self-acceptance, being kind to yourself, and finding the joy in life.

About your hosts

Hello! We are Fran and Nia, two friends who live and work in South Wales. Real Retreats Wales is a collaboration project of our own individual businesses; Lula Wellness Pilates & Nutrition, and Real Wales Tours. 

We first met when we became first time mums to identical twin girls. Having supported each other through the sometimes challenging times of raising twins, we realised we shared many similar values and outlooks on life.

Often completely exhausted and burnt out during those early years of being parents and giving everything of ourselves to our children, we eventually and with each others’ support both recognised the need and importance to look after ourselves. Something as simple as taking the time to go to move well, eat well, spend time in the nurturing company of others, and rest, became of vital importance for our feeling of wellbeing and ability to cope with the pressures of everyday life.

With our personal and professional interests, it was natural for us to begin to work together. With passions for mindful movement, intuitive nutrition and taking time to breathe and connect with nature outdoors; we felt a calling to provide opportunities for others to do the same. The mission of running a retreat was the clear answer.

Although we have much in common and share a similar outlook on life, we are quite different in attributes which we have found has made us a really strong team.

Fran’s approach

I am the dreamer of the duo, I bring the big picture to what we do, and am a natural communicator. Nia describes me as joyful and caring, and a little bit mischievous!

Nia’s approach

It’s safe to say that I’m the more down to earth person in our partnership. I love to organise and take care of all the small details that make our retreats run smoothly. Fran describes me as determined and inspiring, and feels in safe hands with me.

We both share the belief that connection is of vital importance to wellbeing. Connection with our own bodies and minds, connection with other people, and connection with nature and the outdoors. We have found self exploration, self acceptance and self kindness to be the best approaches to feeling well, and bring this ethos to our retreats. We differentiate our approach from that of the diet, shrink, erase and detox culture. What our retreats provide is a safe and nurturing space to find your own way to identify what you need to make you feel good.

We would love to meet you and have you join us on one of our retreat experiences. If you have any questions please do get in touch and we can chat!